2005 Trip to LA


OutboundIn LAInbound

Petrified Forest

These are pictures Tina and I took on our trip to LA to deliver furniture I built for Greg and Gisele. Look at 2G's furniture under Woodworking to see the tables.

Here's some interesting stats:

Miles    4348.2Out    about 1950 In LA    250

Back    2150

Total driving time    74:39:40Lowest mileage    10.68 (Painted Desert)Lowest mileage with trailer    11.88Highest with trailer    16.45
Highest overall    23.59Most expensive fill up    59.85

Most gallons    18.972 (in a 20 gallon tank)

Average mileage out    14.39Average mileage back    18.91Total average    16.4 
Fill ups    18Total spent on gas    $771.22Total pictures    4202 



Ain't no carbon in the engine. Ain't no water in the muffler.

Actually, I didn't think to take this picture until we were almost out of the mountains. I was doing 75 MPH at 5800 RPM for a while.


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